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Jemma's Win, as seen on TV

Zero To Hero... in 7 Days!
Last Year Marketing Expert Mike Chatha sold his house in a House Raffle. He succeeded where many others had failed before him. 

Since then his raffle model has been copied many times... but most house competitions still fail.

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" I made the competition go viral. And within 7 days I sold over half a million pounds' worth of tickets and was on the BBC, ITV, and in several national newspapers. I not only sold my house for more than the asking price, I paid off all our debts too. "
Why The Raffle Secrets Newsletter Is...
"Pure Genius"
A House Raffle can be a licence to print money... but get it wrong and you could be branded an illegal lottery, and have to pay a hefty fine or go to prison. And be branded a loser or worse by thousands of people (including your friends & family).
What You Will Learn:
  • Setup: How To Setup Your Raffle Website & Tech
  • Legal: Best Practice on Staying Within The Law
  • Marketing: How To Sell Many Thousands Of Tickets
  • Ticket Sales: Processing Large Volumes
  • Draw: How To Run A Draw (And How Not To)

"Best Decision EVER"

Mike shares some seriously valuable information for free that you simply can't get anywhere else. Learning from someone who has successfully done this legally and correctly is priceless. Thank you so much.

- David Smith, Birmingham

Some Of Our Media Coverage...

Featured on ITV

The most successful property competition ever is currently featured on ITV .

ITV will also be around to cover the Draw on Valentines X

Featured in Birmingham Live

Winacountryhome is also currently featured in the Birmingham Live as the owners of the farmhouse were originally from Birmingham (Sutton Coldfield) and made the move to beautiful Shropshire after Sundays out with their little one (now 18).

Featured in The Shropshire Star

This unique opportunity was featured in the Shropshire Star. And the stats indicate that word is also reaching the US with overnight sales coming from Canada and New Zealand too. But tickets are limited and when they run out, they run out!

So if you fancy owning your very own country retreat in the English countryside, do not delay.
Winacountryhome BBC

Featured on BBC Midlands Today

Winacountryhome was featured on BBC Midlands Today on January 13th 2020 for the whole of the West Midlands

Featured on BBC News

Winacountryhome was featured on BBC News on 13th January 2020.

Now everyone knows they can win a dream house for £2.
Winacountryhome BBC

Featured in The Daily Mail

Winacountryhome was featured in The Daily Mail on January 13th 2020

Lot of interest for this record-breaking prize draw!
Winacountryhome BBC

Featured in The Mirror

Winacountryhome was featured in The Mirror on January 13th 2020

Country Cottage for £2 anyone..? No Brainer!
Another £550,000 Home Raffled!
Life Changing
This is the moment that a young girl about to get married won one of Mike's win a house competitions, bagging herself a beautiful house & Range Rover! Lot of hard work behind the scenes.
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