Top 5 Best Raffle Prizes

The best raffle prizes appeal to the widest possible audience.  The more people who are attracted to the prize, the more tickets you can sell. The more tickets you sell, the more money is raised for your cause.  It’s that simple.  So having the best prize possible is of utmost importantce.

With that in mind, here is a list of the top five best raffle prizes.

1. Cars – One of the most popular raffles prizes is an automobile. A convertible, an SUV, truck, sedan or even a classic car… people love the idea that they could win a new car.

2. Cash – Cash is always a great motivator for people to buy a raffle ticket! Just be careful on this one, many states and local areas prohibit cash as a prize because it overlaps with the lottery and gambling regulations. If your area does allow a cash prize, also be sure that you get some donations or underwriters to offset the cost of the prize.

3. Travel – Who wouldn’t want to win a vacation? Roundtrip airfare, a package deal, a cruise, hotel stays, even airline miles all make some of the best prizes. The larger trips, such as week-long cruises or packages with airfare and hotel, may draw more ticket buyers.

4. Electronic Equipment – Big screen TVs, iPads, smart phones, and MP3 players are also attractive prizes. These are big incentives for people to buy tickets. Just don’t pay retail!

5. Gift Cards – These prizes have great broad appeal to your ticket buyers. Plus they are easy for many retail and dining businesses to donate to you. They make great secondary prizes, or bundle them together in a gift basket.

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  1. karen maurer says:

    hey can aperson raffle a car for their own profit? For example a porche, and does it have to be the value of the car and no higher?

  2. Sandra Sims says:

    Hi Karen, Great question! Raffles are not a way to make personal or business income. Federal, state and local laws allow raffles only for federally recognized charitable organizations. Some states do not allow raffles at all. Further, cities can impose further regulations on raffles so it complicates the issue even more. Here’s a link to a list of state raffles laws for your reference.

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